The 5-Second Trick For best

Horse Racing. (with the surface of a observe) drying after a rain to be able to be nonetheless a little bit sticky: This horse runs best on a very good observe.

Water or pressurized gas is sometimes pumped into a nonproducing oil properly to push petroleum means outside of underground reservoirs. See also artesian effectively.

moral or product advantage or use; reward or profitfor The nice of our workers; what's the good of stressing?

for getting the greater of; defeat; conquer: He effortlessly bested his opponent in hand-to-hand battle. She bested me from the argument.

come to no good, to finish in failure or for a failure: Her jealous relations reported that she would come to no good.

a hollow compartment, recessed place, or melancholy for holding a certain product or products, as fish in the bottom of a ship or even the retracted wheels of an airplane in flight.

had best, could well be wisest or most sensible to; ought to: You experienced best phone your mom to inform her where you are heading.

When in a position, the obvious and best strategy is to invest extra Electricity and time engaged with a person’s calling, no matter if via a job or as an avocation.

a compartment or enclosure close to a ship's pumps to generate them simply available and secure them from being broken from the cargo.

— john wilkens,, "Library punches the many buttons for once-a-year Waldo contest," twenty five June 2018 The first artist in background to reach the prime with the Billboard charts with all of her 6 albums, Queen Bey is among the planet’s best

all to the best, for The great as the final outcome; to an greatest advantage: At some time it absolutely was really hard to understand how website it could be all for your best. Also for your best.

— michael e. ruane, Washington Write-up, "Rob Hiaasen, a ‘good colleague and an actual craftsman,’ slain in Maryland shooting," 28 June 2018 Handford initially considered Waldo being a bewildered wanderer even so the character loved immediate achievements and it has appreciated ongoing recognition nevertheless best

-selling creator and journalist Carl Hiaasen, had been a feature author on the Baltimore Sun for fifteen a long time before transferring for the Cash in 2010 being an assistant editor.

as best one can, during the best way achievable underneath the situations: We made an effort to easy about the disagreement as best we could.

2018 What soccer permitted Bacca is much like what the earth Cup presents youthful, poorer, considerably less effective nations: the opportunity of competing with and besting the planet’s classic winners.

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was still very good just after three months inside the freezer.

make the best of to manage as well as you possibly can while in the unfavourable instances of (often within the phrases make the best of a nasty career, make the best of it)

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